Behind the photoshoot-scenes

Our two Emma’s and Lena the boss had to focus and look deadly serious into the camera. Mostly it worked out. Sometimes the picture turned out like this. But wait until you see the (frightening) result… Pam Pam Pam… #dramaticeffect



Welcome to our new website! Two years ago Theatergroep ZAAI performed Monzado. Now, based on Monzado, students of Leiden University College have made a whole new production: CORPORATE The Musical!

Via this website, you can read everything about the musical and stay up to date with the process. Then, on the 25th of April, you can be a part of it yourself, by coming to the performance at the Zuiderstrandtheater. We hope to see you there.

Belangrijk nieuws!

Dames en heren, jongens en meisjes…. Het is weer zo ver! Monzado komt terug!
Volgende week zal theatergroep ZAAI weer optreden op de Midwinterviering van de Antroposofische Jongerenvereniging in Nederland.

Maar… We zijn ook weer hard aan het repeteren om eind februari opnieuw op verschillende plekken op te treden.